Siiiiigh just one of those days where I need A LOT of caffeine…

Working on my VERY FIRST Statement of decision!! 😊😊😊

Can’t wait to use my new Disney sticky Tabs!

Anonymous Asked
QuestionCould you please post a photo of ALL the post it products you have? What are your favourite? How do you use them for studying? Answer

Sure! I’ll make a post on this soon 😊

Questiontotally in love with your blog! just started my appblr haha -emily xx Answer

Thank you! 😘😘😘

appblurr Asked
QuestionI think I just reblogged everything from your studyblr I love it so much xx Answer

Aww thank you! 😘😘

I color code my flash cards and put them on a ring!

Helps me keep them organized ☺️

So cute! Whale shaped paper clips!


STUDY SESH STAPLE: My favorite tea cup, that can hold 2 different types of tea!

Perfect for those night you just can’t pick one beverage! 😜

QuestionWhat are your favorite marker pens that don't bleed through the paper? Answer

Hmmmm I HAVE SO MANY FAVORITES when it comes to pens.

But if I haaaad to choose I would definitely pick:

Pilot G2’s, Sharpie PENS, Pilot Precise V5, and Stabilo pens